Ly Lifestyling

Purpose: Ly Lifestyling is a local business that helps other companies create product shoots and video reels for social media. I was tasked to design and develop their website to start their small business.

Technique: PHP was used to build this website in order to incorporate the contact form. The webpage is fully responsive and optimized with the best web practices. Multiple pages were created to showcase client reviews and different projects that Ly Lifestyling has worked on.

Result: By creating this website, Ly Lifestyling would now have a direct way to communicate with potential clients through their own contact form. This website is also a platform to show the different types of work and services that Ly Lifestyling has to offer.

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Development Languages

PHP, CSS, JavaScript

Ly Lifestyling Responsive Mockup Ly Lifestyling Desktop Mockup Ly Lifestyling Phone and Tablet Mockup


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Color Palette

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